Email Solution


Thinking email monitoring and archiving solution allows you to record and save all incoming and outgoing emails to your secret email address for emails archiving and content monitoring. Along with the email's text, the date and time the email was received, the subject and who sent it is also recorded. Even attachments are saved so that you can view them for questionable content. You can set the program to alert you if any emails are found that have certain words in them. You get to choose the words that concern you the most. For employers the alert words could be the names of competitors or inappropriate websites. When the software finds an email with one of these words, an alert will be sent to your own email address so that you can take care of the problem right away.

Better Storage Size
High Reliability
High Security
Easy to setup and user-friendly
Provides quick and easy tracking of all emails including items deleted by users
Undetectable to the person being monitored
Delivery of all captured emails to specified email address
Set up alerts that inform you when certain keywords are used in emails
Ability to save and open email attachments
Ability to search emails using certain keywords
Password protected - The control panel is only accessible through a password
Email backup or archiving/eDiscovery
Limited email storage or Unlimited email storage plans provided
99.9% uptime SLA with disaster recovery
Support most popular email systems**, i.e. Exchange, SMTP, POP3, etc.
Email Monitoring Solution(Example)
Accessing Inbox and sent item of each staff

Email Monitoring Solution records all sending and receiving emails. Management can access a web interface to view all email content of incoming and outgoing email of each staff.

By using web interface, management can search email content easily. They also can monitor email activity when they are out of office. Limited storage or Unlimited storage plans are provided, it depend on how much email to be stored.

All emails will be stored in the monitoring system that is separated from your email system. Email that deleted by your staffs will also be kept in the monitoring platform. You don't need to worry about losing any email.

Package Prices
  • No. of account 1-20
  • Price / per month
    (Storage size: 100GB)
    HK$ 700
  • Price / per month
    (Storage size: Unlimited)
    HK$ 1,000
  • No. of account 21-50
  • Price / per month
    (Storage size: 100GB)
    HK$ 1,800
  • Price / per month
    (Storage size: Unlimited)
    HK$ 2,400
  • No. of account51-100
  • Price / per month
    (Storage size: 100GB)
    HK$ 3,000
  • Price / per month
    (Storage size: Unlimited)
    HK$ 4,000
  • Service included: One monitoring account and one email domain only
  • Additional storage (100GB / per month) need add HK$ 100
  • Price is on monthly subscription basis.