What is different between server and workstation ? Why I need to use server ?

- 2023-12-06 -
For normal functions, a Server is similar to Workstation. But Server is designed for continues operation and included additional features to support this. First hardware monitoring and alert, most of the Server include hardware monitoring to keep logging the temperature, usage, fan speed etc, if abnormal status happened, it will send an alert for IT staff take action to fix the problem.

Most of the Server use hot swap hard disk and RAID technology to protect data. If one of the hard disk failed, other disks will continues working without data loss. IT staff can replace the damaged disk without stopping the Server.

The cooling system inside the Server is well design to working for continue working. It can let the system in a stable temperature. If high CPU and temperature growing up, it will increase the fan speed to cool down the system. Moreover, the design of the fan also ensure air flow inside the case go to the same direction.

Most of the Server will have a monitor panel. IT staff can check the alert signal on the monitor panel very easily.

Security lock on the server can prevent unauthorized user or staff access the Server. For example, they cannot shutdown the server without the server key or take out the hard disk.

Due to above feature, most of the company will use Server to store their data and as a central point of data sharing.