What is different between Enterprise Wi-Fi AP and Wi-Fi router ?

- 2024-01-11 -
Enterprise Wi-Fi AP: Enterprise Wi-Fi APs are typically designed for large offices or public spaces such as hotels, airports, and schools. These devices have higher capacity and greater coverage, allowing them to support more simultaneous connections. Additionally, they typically have higher security and more management features such as remote management, user authentication, and traffic monitoring.

Wi-Fi router: Wi-Fi routers are typically used in homes or small offices. These devices typically have smaller coverage areas and capacity, allowing them to support fewer simultaneous connections. Additionally, they typically have fewer management features such as user authentication and traffic monitoring. However, they are typically easier to install and use than enterprise Wi-Fi APs.

Overall, enterprise Wi-Fi APs are suitable for large locations that require high capacity and security, while Wi-Fi routers are suitable for homes and small offices.