Our company is a small company, why hacker attack our system ?

- 2024-01-11 -
Nowadays, technology is changing very fast. Cloud service, AI, Big data can support our business operation. On the other hand, Those services also support hackers to automate the hacking process. It helps them create and send out phishing email, monitor which computer system is infected, scan the security hole in internet, auto guess the password etc.It is Indiscriminate attack. Whether your company is big or small, if your staffs is using computer careless or any security hole in your network, you will be under attack.

Hacking is a big business, for examples, ransomware have been generated billions of dollars in payments to cyber criminals. They have a lot of money to invest into new hacking tools. Hackers are working together to share tools over the cloud, and using AI to provide more complex and continuous attack to our computer network. We always need to carefully use our computer.