Can IT maintenance service prevent us from "Hacking", "Virus", "Ransomware", "Spam" and other computer issue ?

- 2024-01-11 -
Honesty, we CANNOT 100% prevent you from "Hacking", "Virus", "Ransomware", "Spam" etc. We can only reduce the risk as low as possible. We will keep your anti-virus software and Windows OS up-to-date, but there are no anti-virus software can ensure that it can 100% protect from virus, ransomware, spam etc.

Secondly, most of the SMB do not have enough budget on IT resource to prevent hacking. We balance between cost, efficient and security to offer our IT service, our goal is to reduce the risk of being hacked and infected by virus. For worst case, we can recover your server from backup with acceptable data loss.

Thirdly, your staff must follow computer usage guideline in order to reduce computer risk, such as don't download not approved software, don't visit unknown web site, carefully check email validity etc. Since, most of the problem is caused by improper use of computer by internal staff.

Fourthly, we will monitor your backup status in order to ensure your backup data is up-to-date. But you must responsible for replace offsite copy of backup disk. If your computer hacked by hacker or infected with virus or ransomware, your backup storage which connect to the server may be infected too. Offsite storage of backup data is important in this case, since it will be the only source of your company data. If you do not have any offsite copy of data, your company data will be totally lost. In order to reduce the data loss, we will suggest you to take the offsite copy as frequent as possible. Or join our offsite backup service to copy data to our data center automatically.